Sample diet plan for weight loss for beginners(1600 cal)

If you are obese and have little experience with trying out diet plans, the biggest problem you might have faced is eating 6 times a day. Sometimes you don’t feel hungry at all but you got a meal to eat at 6:00 pm, sometimes you are dying out of hunger but you can’t eat for next 2 hours. These little imbalances create room for cravings, which results in results worse than you would have gotten without a diet plan.

An average Joe eats 3 meals a day plus an evening snack. Eating snack has a significant impact on your insulin levels so why don’t you use this opportunity to consume more nutrition?  Keeping all these things in mind I have created a tasteful 4-meal 1600 calorie diet plan for beginners who have a problem eating 6 times a day.


Meal Plan:

meal 1 (breakfast) : Rajma Chawal (447 calories)

Nutrition: 20 gm proteins, 50 gm carbs, 15 gm fats

meal 2 (lunch) : Whey Oats (324 calories)

Nutrition : 25-28 gm of proteins, 43-50 gm carbs, 16-20 gm fats

meal 3 (evening meal) : Banana Omlett (440 calories)

Nutrition 27 gm proteins, 25 gm carbs, 16 gm fats

meal 4 (dinner) : Cabbage Biryani (350 calories)

Nutrition : 31 gm proteins, 12 gm carbs, 16 gm fats

Rajma Chawal (447 calories): Soak 50 gm of kidney beans(160 calories)(Amazon link) in water for 4-5 hours. Put 1 tbsp olive oil (40 calories) in a pan and fry soaked kidney beans until it softens. Put 50 gm of paneer(137 calories) and fry it for 2-3 minutes. Eat it with 100 gms cooked brown rice(110 calories).

Banana Omelette (440 calories) : 3 whole eggs(240 calories) and blend one medium size banana (100 calories) into it. Add cinnamon powder (read benefits of cinnamon here)(Amazon link) for taste. Add nuts like almonds, peanuts, cashew to up to 100 calories. Now make an omelet out of it.

Whey Oats (332 calories): Put 1/2 scoop of whey protein(60 calories) of your favorite flavor in 200 ml of milk(84 calories). Mix it properly and now add 2 scoops oats(180 calories) and 20 gm of roasted flax seeds(108 calories)(Amazon link) and boil it.

Cabbage Biryani (350 calories): fry 200 gms of cabbage(50 calories) in 20 gms of butter(140 calories). Add 100 gms of chicken breast (160 calories) to it along with some spices to spice up your taste.


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  1. alx1xla says:

    Interesting read. I really admire your detail. Thank for you writing this post. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re always welcome Alexis


  2. alx1xla says:

    Also, Avinash… can you please suggest an vegetarian alternative to chicken in Cabbage Biryani?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just have published similar plan for vegetarians. You can check that out here :

      Whenever you opt for dinner, just make sure that your carbs are as low as possible(unless you are on Intermittent fasting) and fill the rest of the calories with fats.


  3. John Kani says:

    Start your day off with exercise and weight loss can be easy. Don’t wait until you’ve got the stress of the day weighing on you; wake up, do a workout, and start the day from there. That way you can’t complain that you don’t feel well and can’t exercise, or that you are just too busy.


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