This is how a long term weight loss should be done

What would you do if you are running out of space in your phone and you have 1 big file of 3 GB and 500 small files of 2 GB? which one will you delete?


People ask all the time questions like “will eating lemon with honey mixed with some magical churan blessed by God himself to make them lose fat?”. These methods are like those little files. If you really want to lose weight you gotta attack those bigger files before worrying about the smaller ones.

Most people fail in losing weight not because they are not working hard enough but because they are working too much and then unable to retain that. If you actually want a long-term solution for obesity you gotta take one step at a time. You can’t run before you can walk.

Levels of getting lean 

Just think you are playing a game whose levels are defined below. Until you cross level 1 you can’t move on to next level.

So are you ready?

Here we go :

Level 1 :

Cut the crap: Cut all fast food altogether. Sounds easy right?

It is more difficult than it sounds as we all have craving issues. We crave for certain food more when we are hungry as compared to when we are full. So the trick is to get a substitute for that garbage you were gonna eat.

Fruits are the best substitute in that case. It is not the healthiest thing that you could have eaten but it will satisfy your craving for longer and will be loaded with vitamins and mineral and not to mention fewer calories.

So in your level 1, you are gonna eat a lot and lot of fruits until you feel no crave continuously for some days.

Level 2 :

Start shifting your dinner far from carbs and towards fats: As you know Carbs is the primary source of energy. When we sleep, we don’t basically use a lot of energy to stay alive. Also, most of the fat burning happens during our sleep. So, It is better to have fewer carbs for our dinner.

But you cannot stay hungry too, so you are gonna start eating more fats and fewer carbs.

So replace all fruits you were eating in the night with veggies, nuts, and oil.

Level 3 :

Stop snacking: Whenever you snack, you get an insulin spike which blocks all your fat burning hormones. In simple words, your body tells your brain that it is getting calories from external sources so no need to burn the body fat for energy.

But there are times when you feel hungry, so instead of snacking 3 times in 3 hours, you are gonna put a meal in between.


Level 4 :

Start replacing fruits by veggies: By this time, you already have gotten rid of cravings and you are seeing significant changes in your body so replacing fruits with veggies won’t seem like a big deal for you.

Fruits are high in fructose which is believed to be more dangerous for the body than sugar but fruits have a lot of fiber which makes it even. Also, fruits are loaded with vitamins.

So the whole point of eating veggies is to get all the benefits of fruits without getting any drawbacks.

After this point, you are qualified enough to start working out and expect to see some results.

Level 5 :

Start weight training and get a well-scheduled diet plan: You can start weight training by following a beginners diet. (see here: Sample diet plan for weight loss for beginners(1600 cal) )

For weight training, your goal should not just to move maximum weight but to learn the basic movements like bench press, deadlifts, squats, shoulder press with perfect form.

Level 6 :

Start advancing your workouts and get more specific diet plan: Now, you have mastered basic exercises with perfect form, you can move on to lifting heavy weights or towards body-weight exercises. If your primary goal is to still lose body fat, you should go towards body-weight training, if to gain size then towards heavy weight training.

See here for body weight training progressions: Progression Map to Advanced Bodyweight Exercises

Now, you are like every muscular person in the gym who is struggling to get better so you can start thinking about taking advanced supplements and getting a rigorous diet plan specifically designed for your goal.


There are people who can conquer more than one level but before you think of doing that just think what is your style? Can you live on the same change in for months? If your answer is yes, then go ahead, else have some patience, you still are progressing.


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  1. Sunil Tripathy says:

    Really a good write-up. I followed this myself and got the result. Though it seems difficult at first to avoid craps but the way you summarized will definitely help the newbies.

    Liked by 1 person

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