Progression Map to Advanced Bodyweight Exercises

Learning body-weight exercises is the single best thing you can do for a strong body. But learning those can be frustrating sometimes because there is no way you can track your progress in short time. You might be trying to do The Human Flag since last decade but the thing you didn’t realize was you were trying to clear post-graduation without clearing your elementary.

I have broken down the various exercises which you should be able to do before performing the most difficult exercises out there. This map is divided into zones. If you are a complete beginner you are in zone 0. Until you clear zone zero don’t worry about exercises in zone 1.


Here are some useful demos of these exercises:

Zone 0:

Zone 1:

Zone 2:

Zone 3:

Zone 4:

Foundation for The Human Flag:

Foundation for Front Lever:

Foundation for Bruce Lee’s 2 finger pushups:

Foundation for Planche:

After crossing zone 4 you will be able to perform some fancy exercise (like muscle ups, pullover) which I have not mentioned here.

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  1. Shreyansh Mishra says:

    How will I know that i have cleared zero level or 1?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have written no. of reps in the table. If you are able to reach that you can move on to next level


  2. Kevin Tan says:

    Am I supposed to do 1 set or 3 sets for each exercise


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