Purpose of Wonder Junkies

Fitness community is already doing a great job in spreading awareness among people about living a healthy lifestyle. But somehow they lack specificity.

My purpose is to help you people reach your fitness goals by providing you with all those specificities including diet plans required in different cases, workout schedules, weight loss/gain strategies etc.

My Story


My journey started as the skinniest guy in my class (10th standard) with a weight of 36 kg (80 pounds), the person with the lowest weight after me was a girl that too 2 kg more than me.

During the following summer vacation, I started learning pushups and pull-ups. My highest score in that two-month progression was 3 pushup and 1 pull-up. That was awesome progress because earlier it was zero.

Time passed by and the time I reached 12th and I was doing 30 pushups at a stretch. But I didn’t pay attention to my pull-ups(price of which I paid later).

I reached college and left working out for 1 year completely. In my second year, I thought of packing on some muscles. I read somewhere eat big to get big so I ate like a crocodile. I did get rid of my skinniness but I ended up like this.


Once I got mocked by my best friend that you can never get abs even if you workout forever (I still remember his exact words).

I knew that I am gonna have it some day but I just had to find how. Then one day I was watching the movie Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior and got influenced by the way Tony Ja was moving with the surrounding. After a little research, I got to see a video of David Belle doing parkour and I got the obsession of learning it.

So from that night, I with one of my friend started working on basic exercises like balancing, jumping, vaults, rolls etc in the mid-night after 2:00 clock till 6:00 am. Months passed by and I was getting better at movements particularly which needs power.

One day while practicing wall climb I felt powerlessness in my left arm. It was shaking. I neglected it for months and start skipping pulling exercises to avoid that, but that didn’t workout and it got worse.

I went to a doctor and he asked me to rest for 4–5 months. After 3–4 weeks of not working out I got pneumonia. I was out of money for that and couldn’t tell my parents as they would just freak out (I was living 3000 km away from my home). Doctor asked me to take complete bed rest for a week.

I hardly followed that for 3 days and it got worse. Then the third night I came out of my hostel for a walk in mid-night and reached the same place we used to workout. I felt better (mentally at least). I thought of balancing on the rail till the end which was one floor high. That was scary as hell but things were already worse so I gave it a go. I never lived more than I lived that night.


After that from the next day, my thug life got started. I started parkour again. I started strengthening my forearm in the gym. After weeks I started doing pullups and after 2 months I was doing wall climb again with much more speed.

Summer vacation started. I went home and dedicated 4 hours every day in learning the toughest body-weight exercises I could find on the internet.

I mastered Bruce Lee’s dragon flag within that period.


By the end of my summer vacation I was in the best shape of my life:main-qimg-18710995b8c497ecc602be2813f59b5b.jpg

I achieved this physique without any supplements.

Now I have all the money to afford any supplement I want but still I am unable to reach this level to lean-ness again(shame on me 😉 ).

Thanks to that shitty injury that now I can even perform legendary Bruce Lee 2-finger pushup easily(exaggerating… Its damn painful ), which is the greatest achievement of my life.

and Rock climbing


and being awesome 😉



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And always remember you are the greatest, you just haven’t realized that yet.