A Beginner’s Weight Loss Diet Plan for Vegetarians(1600 calories)

Dear vegetarians,

If you have hard time getting enough nutrition from foods so I have written down a beginners diet plan that will be accelerate them towards their weight loss goals.

Meal Plan:

meal 1 (breakfast) : Lentil Kushari(414 calories)

Nutrition:  22 gm of proteins , 50 gm carbs, 15 gm of fats

meal 2 (lunch) : Whey Oats (324 calories)

Nutrition : 25-28 gm of proteins, 43-50 gm carbs, 16-20 gm fats

meal 3 (evening meal) : Curd shake( 424 calories)

Nutrition : 30 gm of proteins, 24 gm carbs, 12 gm fats

meal 4 (dinner) : Palak paneer(431 calories)

Nutrition : 24 gm proteins, 7 gm of carbs, 30 gm of fats

Lentil Kushari(414 calories) : soak 150 gm of lentils(164 calories) in water. Now boil it and add 50 gm of chia seeds(240 calories). Add turmeric powder, cinnamon powder, chilly powder and salt for taste .

Whey Oats (332 calories) : Put 1/2 scoop of whey protein(60 calories) of your favorite flavour in 200 ml of milk(84 calories). Mix it properly and now add 2 scoops oats(180 calories) and 20 gm of roasted flax seeds(108 calories) and boil it.

Curd shake( 424 calories) : put 200 gms of curd(196 calories) in a shaker and add 1/2 scoop of whey protein(60 calories)  + 2 tbsp roasted flax seeds (74 calories) + 1 tbsp of peanut butter (94 calories).

Palak paneer(431 calories) : Take 100 gms paneer(265 calories) in small pieces in a pan with 1 tbsp of olive oil (120 calories) with 200 gm of spinach(46 calories) or any green veggie of your choice. Cook it until Spinach turns soft. Add spices and salt for taste. 24 gm proteins, 30 gm of fats, 7 gm of carbs.

*Note : The reason for not including soy products in this plan is its dangerous side effects on particular types of people. If you are using soy from a long time without any issues, you can include that in your diet for sure.

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