How to stay motivated to go to the gym?

Working out and getting in shape looks pretty straightforward and easy in the theory but when it comes to doing it in practice it is next to impossible. The reason is simple, we don’t have enough time and energy to do it (or we pretend we don’t).

The first hurdle we face before we take the bus to the fitness factory is the motivation to face the suffering. You might be used to of listening to motivational speeches or songs to keep yourself going but that doesn’t last very long.

I have come across mostly four types of people who have achieved an amazing transformation by feeding themselves the right type of input.



They are the people who get addicted to anything quite easily, whether it is cigarette, alcohol or girls. The way for these people to go about fitness is just blindly going to the gym for 2-3 weeks and after that, they will be addicted enough to never see themselves out of shape. These kinds of people are the ones who achieve the best shape because reasoning can’t beat addiction.

Their daily routine includes touching their biceps forty-five million times per second and thinking “it is not hard enough”, taking naked selfies of every permutation of the vertical and horizontal angle of their abs until it is visible, murdering people who come in between them and the mirror when they are flexing.



These are the people who can’t go to the gym until they see the results but results don’t come until they go to the gym. The way that works for such people is to starts making small changes to their diet without focusing much on their workouts. Once they see the results, there’s nobody in the world who can keep them away from what they want to achieve.



These category of people are simply seeking for some fun and lifting weight isn’t giving them that. So these kinds of people have to find a way to enjoy working out. Mostly, this category of people doesn’t aim at achieving a great physique but at learning a skill like parkour, calisthenics, martial arts, dance to keep them fit and entertained.



This category of people doesn’t do anything until they find a great reason to do that. These are the kind of people on which movies are made. If you fall into this category, you better start looking for a reason before you start looking for a gym.

Now, sit back and analyze your life achievements to figure out which category you fall into and take action accordingly because fitness is not a destination, it is a journey.

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