Sample Diet Plan for Skinny Fat(2200 cal)

It is recommended to read article Root cause of skinny fat before reading this plan

So here is the plan:

 meal 1 : Cabbage Sweet(215 calories) + 5 egg whites(85 calories) + 1tbsp peanut butter(94 calories)

total : 395 calories

Nutrition : 25 gm proteins, 28 gm fats, 16-25 gm carbs

meal 2 : Spinach Bhujia (445 calories)

total: 445 calories

Nutrition : 27 gm proteins, 30 gm fats, 8 gm carbs

meal 3 (pre-workout) : Whey coconut shake (295 calories)+ 1 medium size banana(90 cal)

total : 385 calories

Nutrition: 30 gm proteins, , 8 gm fats , 40 gms carbs

meal 4 (post-workout): whey omlet (275 calories) + 150 gm cooked brown rice(170 calories)

total : 445 calories

Nutrition : 37 gm proteins,  10  gm fats, 35 gm carbs

meal 5 : cooked chicken with cauliflower(465 calories)

total: 465 calories

Nutrition : 31 gm proteins, 30 gm fats, 6 gm carbs

Cabbage Sweet(215 calories): Put 20 gm of butter(140 calories) in a pan and add 200 gms of chopped cabbage(50 calories). Add 50 gm cherry(25 calories)(Amazon link) to it. You can add additional fruits if you want. Fry it till cabbage softens.

Spinach Bhujia (445 calories): Put 1 tbsp of coconut oil (100 calories) and add 100 gms of chopped spinach(25 calories) and heat it for 2-3 minutes. Beat 4 whole eggs(320 calories) in a bowl and add salt to it. Empty the bowl into the pan. Heat until eggs get solidify.

Whey coconut shake (295 calories): Put 1 scoop of whey protein(115 calories) in a shaker, add 1 scoop of oats(100 calories) and 2 tbsp of coconut flour(80 calories)(Amazon link). Add water and mix it well.

Whey omelet(275 calories) –  Beat 2 eggs(160 cal) in a bowl, add 1 scoop whey(115 cal) and stir. Heat the mixture in a pan until it becomes an omelet.

Cooked Chicken with cauliflower(465 calories): Take 2tbsp of coconut oil (200 calories) in a pan and 100 gms of cauliflower (25 calories). Heat it until it becomes soft. Now, add 100 gm of boneless chicken (160 calories) and heat it until the chicken gets hard. Salt or spices can be added as per your choice.

*It is a low carb diet so you can enjoy a cheat day once or twice a week.


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  1. saran2021 says:

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  2. Krish says:

    Hi, just to confirm, this diet in total includes 11 eggs (including 5 whites). Is that right? Isn’t this a bit on a higher side? Also, isn’t it too much of whey protein in pre and post workout meals? Can we include it in any one of the meals? Just don’t want to feel bloated with so much back to back whey protein.


    1. You can give it a try. If you feel bloated, increase your fibre intake(more leafy veggies)


      1. Krish says:

        Will definitely try it out. Thank you!


  3. pra567 says:

    Diet plan is good ! Can we include whole milk in diet ? Also,what kind of workout skinny fat guy should do ?


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