Diet plan for working people

Just think if you started working out today and today itself you reached from Bruce Banner to the Incredible Hulk, would you ever stop working out? Guess not.

In real life, stuff doesn’t work that way. You join a gym, do a hardcore workout, flex in the mirror for an hour and so and then next day at the office your boss tells you that you have to shift Taj Mahal from Agra to Nagaland in one week otherwise you will be fired. So you don’t work out for the whole week, you get no results and then you quit.

So why you quit? Because you get a strong reason to justify your absence from the gym, if that wasn’t the case you would quit it for some other “strong” reason sometime later.

But that’s not your fault. I mean that is your fault but not the fault you think. Take a look at this:


This is called regressive loop of lifestyle. Once you are caught, its next to impossible to get out of it. The only difference to this is a four letter word “DIET”. It is your choice which circle you want to get in.

Reasons for not working out

Making fitness a part of your lifestyle while working needs a little dedication but that’s all on you whether you want to curse yourself or flex your abs whenever you see yourself in the mirror.

Here is some logic which you think are logical enough not to workout :

“I don’t feel motivated”: Because you don’t see any results because muscle growth is 80% diet and you don’t follow one.

“After office, I don’t have enough energy to workout”: Because you are not recovered yet and you can’t recover until you are on a good diet plan.

“I sleep all day, next day after gym”: Because you focused more on working out than on recovery which you will get with proper rest and diet.

“I can’t go to the gym every day”: You don’t have to, 3 days a week is enough until it becomes impossible for you to miss the gym, and that will be possible if you follow a diet plan.

“It is awkward to carry multiple lunch boxes with you”: I have a better alternative so be patient.

If still, you think this is not enough to make you want to follow a diet plan, just give it a try for one week and find it yourself.

Why is it easy for office goers to build muscle?

There is this cool thing about you if you are an office goer and you hate your job you eat your lunch, get your coffee and snack on your snack every day at the exact same time. This time should be that precise that someone can set his/her watch seeing your lunch timing. These are good habits which you made for a bad purpose. you just need to swap your purpose and you will be the best version of yourself (at least in fitness).

General nutrition equations

for a general body type and a general goal of getting a moderately lean physique, your per day minimum nutrition needs are :

proteins = (2* your weight in kgs) grams
carbs = (5*body weight in kgs) grams
fats = (body weight in kgs) grams
*It varies with your goals and body type

A Sample Diet

meal1(5:30am) : 300ml milk +50 gm oats + 3egg whites

Nutrition : (42 gm carb, 29 gm protein, 10 gm fats )

meal2(8:00am) : 20 gm boiled/fried soyabean chunks (amazon link)+ 200 ml milk + 1 egg whites + 4 slices brown bread + 1 tbsp peanut butter (amazon link)

Nutrition : (45 gm carbs, 24 gm proteins, 14 gm fat)

meal2 alternative(for skinny fats) : 50 gm fried kidney beans (amazon link) in 10 gm butter +200 ml milk + 1 whole egg

Nutrition : (40 gm carbs, 20 gm proteins, 12 gm fat)

Work time

meal3(12:00pm) : 5 egg whites +1 scoop peanut butter + the lunch you normally eat

Nutrition : (50-55 gm carbs, 24 gm proteins, 8-10 gm fats)

*amount of carb in meal 3 depends on the type of lunch you do

meal4 (3:00pm) : 1 scoop whey + *snack + 1 apple

Nutrition : (35-40 gm carbs, 30 gm proteins, 12-15 gm fats)

Work time

meal5 (6:00 pm): 100 gm chicken breast + 20 gm chickpeas + 2 banana

Nutrition : (40 gm carbs, 30 gm proteins, 15 gm fats)

meal6(9:00pm) : 1 scoop whey + 200 gm boiled/fried cauliflower/cabbage + 20 gm roasted flax seeds (amazon link)

Nutrition : (15 gm carbs, 28 gm proteins, 10 gm fats)


I would define this as a multi-mineral snack with fats and proteins as a bonus. Take a look at these

Seeds Omega 3 fats

(per 100 gms)

Omega 6 fats

(per 100 gms)


(per 100 gms)

Flax (amazon link)  24 gms 5 gms 19 gms
Chia (amazon link) 18 gms 5.7 gms 17 gms
Pumpkin (amazon link) 0 gms 9 gms 19 gms
Watermelon (amazon link) 0 gms 30 gms 28 gms
Hemp (amazon link) 9 gms 22 gms 33 gms
Sesame (amazon link) 0 gms 22 gms 18 gms

You can consume 25-30 gms of that snack at a time. Remember to keep the ratio of omega-3: omega-6 more than 1:4. The more(omega-3) the merrier.

*In the diet above omega-3 to omega-6 ratio is already considered

If you find difficulty following six meals a day you can skip one and adjust your timings accordingly. For eg. Meal 1 at 8:00 am, Meal 2 at 12:00 pm, Meal 3 at 3:30 pm, Meal 4 at 7:00 pm and Meal 5 at 10:00 pm.

Your weekend buddy

Working 8 hours a day doesn’t give you enough time to spend some quality time eating veggies but that is the key to a toned body and healthy skin. My advice for you is to fill your weekends with veggies. Fill all six meals with veggies because that is the only way in which you can keep a balance between your job and your shredded abs.

If muscularity is what you are aiming at then exercise is your gun and diet is your bullet. Guns don’t fire without bullets.”

– Someone so great that he doesn’t want his name mentioned.


15 Comments Add yours

  1. Daen Heuston says:

    Interesting reading! Yes, diet/nutrition is paramount for progress 🙂
    For your sample meal plan, it seems like such a shame to waste 9 egg yolks! 🍳 especially considering all the good fats (including omega-3) you’d be missing out on 😉


    1. thanx…Well we don’t get omega3 eggs in our country that easily


  2. In India we get fish oil Avinash. Is that good for the body?


    1. That will be great as most of the seeds have ALA(an omega-3 fatty acid) which body converts into DHA and EPA. But doesn’t convert them in equal ratio. So indirectly, seeds mostly lack DHA which is essential for brain growth. Fish oil has both DHA and EPA in raw form, so its a better source of omega-3 than seeds.


  3. Nikunj says:

    diet schedule for vegetarians please : no eggs , meat/chicken/fish ,,, please help


    1. sure.. give me some time Nikunj


  4. Sunil says:

    Thanks Bro, but peanut butter is loaded with sugar, is there any suggestion which peanut butter is good? Also, you talked about whey, I am confused as many says Whey causes many side effects, which Whey protein do you suggest? I have used Ultimate Nutrition but discontinued as I am bit confused whether I will have any side effects (like cancer) in the long run.


    1. You can buy peanut butter without sugar too.. Infact you can make peanut butter at home… It is just grind-ed version of roasted peanuts


    2. There are mixed opinions about whey causing cancer but there are not enough evidence to proove that. On the other hand, looking at the benefits you are getting from it, I think you should not be worried about that.


  5. Sunil says:

    Also, you have told don’t use Soy in your other post (By avoiding soy product altogether), but here you have recommended soyabean , could you please clear the confusion?


    1. As I mentioned in the other post , people with low testosterone levels(mostly skinny fats) must avoid that.
      Updated in this post too.
      Thank you


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