A cost effective diet plan for hostelers

Imagine this:

You are caught in a maze right now trying to reach towards your goal. At first, you try to figure out by yourself which way to go. Then you ask people and google for the directions (no google maps here brother). You finally learn from them that you have to head North. But after reaching a point you see hundreds of roads emerging to the north from the point where you are standing. Now the dilemma is which one is the right one?



You actually are in the same scenario if you are looking for a diet plan. There aren’t many specific diet plans available on the internet. Even if there are some, they are next to impossible for a hosteler to follow.

After double-clicking your mouse for about 3 million times all you get to know is “eat more proteins” and “cut your carbs”. You ask your trainers for diet and they ask you to buy supplements that you can’t afford. Even after smashing through these obstacles you again get stuck in the dilemma of how and when to eat.

The biggest problem hostelers face in achieving their fitness goal is lack of money and resources. Confusion on how to eat makes it even worse and finally, they end up giving up on their goal.

This blog is specifically dedicated to such people because I have been in this situation for two years. I had a budget of 5000 for my diet but I didn’t know how to spend these for maximum results. So finally I decided to study health and nutrition from the scratch and solve this dilemma myself.

So let’s dive into it.

A Perfect Diet

A perfect diet consists of a balanced amount of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Not one without others can give you your desired physique.

for a general body type and a general goal of getting a moderately lean physique, your per day minimum nutrition needs are :

proteins = (2* your weight in kgs) grams
carbs = (5*body weight in kgs) grams
fats = (body weight in kgs) grams
*It varies with your goals and body type

*If you want to put on more muscle mass you can increase your carb consumption and decrease fat consumption if you want to get some fat off your body you can increase fat consumption and decrease carb consumption. (see here to understand why)

A sample diet

By this point, you have gotten an idea of how much proteins, carbs, and fats you need.

So assuming a hosteler of weight 65 kgs, height 5’7”, with a budget of 5000 and a goal of reaching a body fat of less than 15% keeping his overall weight constant, he is gonna need roughly 120-130 gm proteins a day, 320-330 gm carbs and 60-65 gm fats. His diet for a day would be split into 6 individual meals with slight variations in carb, protein and fat ratio.

So here we go:

meal 1(6:00 am) :  4 egg whites + 4 slices of bread + 1 scoop peanut butter(15 gm)

nutrition: (50 gm carbs, 20 gm proteins, 8 gm fats)

meal 2(9:00 am) : mess food ( 6 breads with 20 gm butter in mess) + 500 ml milk

nutrition: (60 gm carbs, 20 gm proteins, 12 gm fat)

meal 3(12:30 pm): 4 egg whites + brown rice(mess food) + 20 gm flax seeds

nutrition: (50 gm carbs, 20 gm proteins, 10 gm fat)

meal 4 (4:30 pm) : 30 gm boiled soya chunks + 4 bread slices + 20 gm peanut butter

nutrition: (50 gm carbs, 20 gm proteins, 10 gm fats)

meal 5( 7:00 pm):  30 gm chickpea, 2 banana, 2 egg whites, 2 whole eggs

nutrition: 40 gm carbs, 25 gm proteins, 5 gm fats


meal 6 (10:00 pm) : 100 gm grilled chicken + 150 gm boiled cabbage or cauliflower

nutrition : 45 gm carbs, 25 gm proteins , 14 gm fat

*amazon links for electric kettle , griller and flax seeds

That probably looks like money dragon but let’s see how much this diet actually costs.

Price Table:

Item  Price for one day (in ₹ ) 
12 eggs 50
30 gms  chickpea 3
100 gms chicken (breast) 20
20 gms flax seeds 8
150 gms cabbage or cauliflower 8
2 banana 6
30 gms soybean chunks 3
8 bread slices 12
1 milk packet(500 ml) 20
2 scoops peanut butter 15
Total  142

*might vary according to the city

What if I have a lower budget than this?

  • You can increase soy consumption as it is the cheapest protein available (skinny fat guys, please avoid soy ).
  • You can use peanuts in place of peanut butter.
  • You should still follow the same pattern, just reduce the number of proteins and fats you were taking in each meal. Keep your diet consistent throughout the day. You will see fewer gains than you would have otherwise but something is always better than nothing.

What if I have a bigger budget than this?

You have all the options if you have money. Still here are some that you should be focusing first:

  • You can include whey protein supplements in your diet. Whey is an easily absorb-able protein so you can include this just after your workout.
  • You can replace soya chunks with whey protein as soy protein is well known for its side effects.

* People who are overweight, its better if you give preference to fat loss before you get into this plan. You might want to check this out:

*If you are not tight on budget, you can try these out according to your body type :

You can connect with me on my facebook page for upcoming posts.

Remember, fitness is a journey so you gotta enjoy every inch of it.


22 Comments Add yours

  1. John Canny says:

    I work in office from 8:00am to 5:00pm. I have been working out since a year. I take lunch at 1:00 pm and by 4:00pm i start feeling hungey again. Can you can suggest some food items that i can carry for snack and won’t look awkward and rich in all sense too?
    Thank you


    1. Is money a problem for you?


      1. John Canny says:

        I already am taking supplements. So, money is not much of a problem.


      2. Well then, you can take a scoop of whey protein, with some peanuts (peanuts are 50% fats so 20-30 grams would be enough for a 65 kg person) and an apple. You are supposed to take a whole meal so this would be a good substitute.
        Carrying a shaker bottle won’t be awkward for you, I hope.


      3. John Canny says:

        It might be a stupid question but how can i measure 20-30 grams?


      4. Come on man! You can use your protein scoops for measuring a full packet of peanuts whose weight you already know and then find out how much 1 scoop weighs. Anyway 1 scoop of peanuts is around 40 grams for a standard 33 gram protein scoop.


      5. John Canny says:

        Thank you so much


  2. Padma says:

    I work in a night shift (7.30 pm to 4.30 am). I am planning to go for gym. Currently my weight is 64 kg. How do I maintain these diet timings and is it fine if I am going for gym @ 5.30 in the morning? Bcoz after I need to sleep at around 7.30. And I want to be fit and grow 5-6 kg more. Any tips on those would be appreciated..



    1. At first you need to find out at what time of the day you feel most active. If it is after you wake up, i would advise you to workout after that.


    2. For people working in night shifts, its a little uncomfortable to maintain this diet. I m dedicating a complete blog on a sample diet for people with night shifts. Hopefully, it will be published by the next weekend. You can check that out.


  3. oswald says:

    hi thank you for the plan. nice to hear. i would like to gain some muscle and shape. I am 70 kgs and 30yrs. In non veg i eat only fish and not even egg. so how can I change my diet plan. I am in institute hostel and I am planning to go to gym from this week onwards. Even foods like cabbage I will not be able to take because of the difficulty in preserving them in my room. Please help

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Fishes are good source of proteins and fats but the problem is the way these are cooked. I would suggest you to try tasting boiled fish (trust me its not bad at all). The next thing you wanna do is distribute your protein amount throughout the day. For eg. In the diet above replace 4 egg with 60-70 grams(weighted without bones) of boiled fish. In 60-70 grams of fish you will get extra 6-7 grams fats so decrease the corresponding fat amount from other sources in that meal. Just let your diet schedule be as uniform as possible.
      You don’t have to preserve cabbage just buy half a kg every second or third day.


  4. pravin says:

    Hi I am an vegetarian. I eat eggs not other forms of meat. I workout in the morning. I am 5.10 and weigh 58 kg. What will be an ideal post-workout meal. I dont take any form of supplements . I am very skinny and mocked by my friends for being this, I need to increase my weight.
    Thank You

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Normally, after workout we need fast absorbing proteins and some carbs to fill up our glycogen levels back. For proteins: If you can buy whey protein that will be great otherwise 4-5 egg whites would do good, for carbs: banana, carrot or any type of high Glycemic Index food will be good.
      The best way is to have a complete meal after workout if you can. Keep your fats as low as possible in post-workout as they tend to slow down the absorption.
      So, overall you should be taking all 6 meals in which your post-workout meal will be the one with least fat.

      My opinion on you being skinny : Initially, you should be focusing on strength training more than your diet. You should be able to perform atleast 10 pull ups, 20 pushups, 10 dips and 1 one leg squat before you worry about getting muscular. It is for long term. You will thank yourself for rest of your life.


  5. I tried following your diet but it didn’t work out for me (maybe because i live in a girls hostel). Could you suggest something for the ladies?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohh sorry my bad! This diet was for people who do intense weight training and require sufficient amounts of proteins and fats.

      If you are not into weight training i would suggest you to consume around 50-60 gms of proteins.

      Spend rest of your money in fruits, veggies and healthy fats.


    2. I’ll defnitely write plans for girls in my upcoming posts. Thank you so much for the suggestion


  6. Piyush says:

    Hey, I’m 19 6’2 weight 78kg and a vegetarian, so I don’t consume even eggs( don’t wanna use supplements either) What can be my ideal diet?


    1. What is your goal Piyush?


  7. Nithish says:

    Hi..I am nithish…I am 19 yrs old and I started my training 4 months ago.. before 4 months I weighed about 58 kg and now I am 63kg.. generally I can see that I have put some muscles..for a month now I stopped to go gym now I loses 2 kg…can I gain the weight I lose if I again go to gym and I want to put some extra muscles..can u pls give me some tips?


    1. See Nitish, u can always maintain ur muscle mass by just being on a good diet. Exercise is secondary. It’s good if u can workout too but if u workout & don’t follow a good diet, u will get stronger but won’t be in a great shape.


  8. prabhjot says:

    hey i am 5.6 ,65 kg will this diet work for losing fat if yes ,can you plz suggest anything else instead of grilled chicken and boiled cabbage


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